The University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Genome Foundry: DNA Design and Assembly

The Edinburgh Genome Foundry (EGF) is a national facility based at the University of Edinburgh that specialises in the assembly of genetic constructs for academic and industrial customers to equip cells with new or improved functions. 

They deliver high-throughput projects involving long constructs (>5kbp), constructs comprising large numbers of genetic parts, or combinatorial libraries. Our platform is agnostic on the host chassis; to date we have assembled constructs for use in bacteria, yeast, algae and mammalian cells.


To find out more, click here or contact the facility manager, Dr Rennos Fragkoudis

Edinomics: Cell Analysis

Edinomics is a specialist facility based at the University of Edinburgh that provides proteomics and metabolomics services for qualitative and quantitative analysis. It applies analytical approaches on biological samples to probe cellular components (proteins or metabolites) to help researchers better understanding the underlying mechanisms that lead to biologically observed phenotypes. 


For further information click here or contact the facility manager Dr Tessa Moses.

Edinburgh Protein Production Facility: Protein Production and Characterisation

The Edinburgh Protein Production Facility offers rapid solutions to the production of proteins and the biophysical characterisation of their ligands. The facility has bacterial, yeast, mammalian and baculovirus expression platforms and can deliver a wide range of biophysical characterisations. 

For further information click here or contact the manager Dr Martin Wear.



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