Bioprocess Scale-Up Services

Our Bioprocessing Scale-Up Centres are equipped to handle fermentation volumes of up to 100 L, enabling production of bioproducts at pilot scale.


With in-depth knowledge and a host of different bioreactors and fermentation methods,       we offer a flexible scale-up environment to allow you to optimise your process and achieve better yields of product, from biomass to fine chemicals. 


Bioprocessing & Bioproduction

Our Team professionally handle and develop your process through pilot fermentation at a range of volumes and various levels of downstream processing to allow you to comparatively assess your product yields and establish an optimised procedure.

Whether it’s running in fed-batch mode for high optical densities and separation by continuous centrifugation, or a simple batch fermentation followed by batch centrifugation under sterile conditions, we can tailor the up-scale to fit your bioprocessing goals.