IBioIC’s role, as a specialist in the Industrial Biotechnology (IB) sector, is to stimulate the growth of the IB sector in Scotland to £900 million by 2025.

IBioIC connects industry, academia and government and facilitates collaborations, provides scale-up capabilities, creates networks and develops skills.


Stimulating the Scottish Bioeconomy

Fostering Innovation Nationally

The Innovation Centre programme was first launched back in 2012. Since then, £120m (2013-18) has been invested in eight Innovation Centres across a range of key sectors.

The common aim of each and every one of Scotland’s Innovation Centres is to help businesses large and small increase the pace of innovation and in turn help both our economy and our people to flourish and prosper.

"It’s great to see how quickly IBioIC has established a high profile across the UK and internationally. IB professionals throughout the world recognise the Innovation Centre as the entry point to the IB community in Scotland."

Sandy Dobbie, Chairman, Marine Biopolymers Ltd

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