The Biolog OmniLog® Phenotype Microarray system is a proprietary technology that can quantitively evaluate hundreds of phenotypes in microbial cell assays at any one time. Each Phenotype Microarray plate contains 96 different cell culture medium for testing metabolic activity and chemical sensitivity of different microbes. This allows for phenotype detection, optimisation of growth conditions, or for sensitivity testing against antimicrobial compounds in the organism of interest. This technology delivers an unbiased perspective of the effect on cells of genetic differences, environmental change and exposure to drugs and chemicals.

The system has the capacity to:

  •  Correlate genotypes with phenotypes

  •  Determine a cell's metabolic and chemical sensitivity properties

  •  Discover new targets for antimicrobial compounds

  • Optimize cell lines and culture conditions in bioprocess development

  • Characterize cell phenotypes for taxonomic or epidemiological studies