Nik Willoughby

Heriot Watt University

fter graduating from University College London in 1996 with a BEng in Biochemical Engineering, I carried out a PhD within the Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering at UCL. Entitled "An Engineering Evaluation of Expanded Bed Adsorption for the Recovery of a Typical Bioproduct", the study looked at hydrodynamic and kinetic influences on the performance of this novel unit operation.   After I completed my PhD I worked for two years in purification development at Metris Therapeutics, before returning to UCL to help establish the Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre for Bioprocessing. This multi-disciplinary research group was funded by the EPSRC to facilitate rapid development and scale-up of bioprocesses.   I moved to Heriot-Watt in April 2006, as part of the ScotChem initiative, and am currently pursuing research in scale-down and rapid process development in downstream processing operations, and have particular current interest in separation techniques for so-called "megamolecular" targets such as whole cells, plasmid DNA and viruses.