Located at the heart of Glasgow and Edinburgh, the IBioIC Equipment Centres is a specialist in developing solutions for your bioprocess. We offer a wide first-class range of services for the development and optimisation of your bioprocess to help you upscale your project idea to commercial application. With knowledge and experience built on working with BSL1 and BLS2 microorganisms in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, our facilities are designed to take on nearly all types of projects and challenges in biotechnology.

We provide support in strain screening, strain characterisation, strain phenotyping and media optimisation for a wide range of microorganisms. Thanks to our in-house expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we will be able to develop a robust and reliable process that suits your needs in little time. Our high-throughput technology enables us to screen for multiple conditions and various microorganisms in little time against a broad variety of conditions.

Our multiple fermentation suites offer you an extensive choice of bioreactors ranging from 0.5L up to 30L scale to tailor your needs. Whether you are still developing your business idea or moving toward prototype demonstration, we will support you during throughout your biotech journey from bench to large scale.

Flexibility and Rapid Prototyping are keywords that define IBioIC Equipment Centres. Take a look at our multiple parallel systems for microbial at varying scale and various operating modes, which will give you the flexibility and repeatability you need to optimise your process.

All our cultivation systems come with an accurate control system (pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, feed) and real-time off-gas analysis and online optical cell density measurement. We also offer a wide range of complementary at-line and online analysis to monitor closely your bioprocess at the finest molecular level possible using rapid biospecific enzyme assay and Raman spectroscopy technique.

At IBioIC we aim to give you the best control over your process and help you to generate the best quality of data. We want to provide you with the capability to answer your bioprocess problems and help to formulate the solutions. Thanks to the cross-experienced of our team, your project is in safe and knowledgeable hands. 

If you are looking to only access equipment directly and doing the work yourself, good news! Most of the IBioIC equipment are open-access, meaning that we will provide you with training on-site on our equipment so you can use autonomously the piece of kit you need access to! Get in touch to know more!