The IBioIC offers a broad range of services for the culture of mammalian cells and production of biologics or monoclonal antibodies (mAb). Working in the separate and compartmented sterile room from the rest of the facility, we can provide access to a wide range of cell cultivation systems from 1L up to 50L to help you design and optimise your bioprocess.

Our wide range of options from glass to single use, from stirrer tank to wave bag bioreactors allows you to optimise nearly all type of biopharma processes, from inoculation train development to the manufacturing of biotherapeutic molecules or mAb.

Our team of scientist has extensive experience in cultivating mammalian cells and will strive to provide all the support required to successfully help you achieve your goals and provide solutions. We also offer a broad range of fast and efficient post-run analysis and help you better understand your process and allowing you to get the most from your cells.

Located 10 min from the Edinburgh airport and 2 min walk from the nearest Courtyard by Marriott Edinburgh West Hotel****, the IBioIC Mammalian Cell Culture facility is also an open-access mammalian cell cultivation suite. We will provide you with training on-site on our equipment, so you can use autonomously the piece of kit you want to use! Get in touch to know more!