Bioprocessing Scale-Up Centres

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The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) supports industry by helping to accelerate and de-risk the commercialisation of innovative biotechnology processes and products, in line with Scotland's National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology.


Our Bioprocessing Scale-Up Centres offer access to a wide range of fermentation technologies and services from small scale culture to pilot scale production,

process optimisation, downstream processing and data analysis.

Expert advice is readily available from our experienced on-site team who draw on a broad knowledge base to assist with all aspects of your project from development of bespoke work programmes, identification and securing of funding, to full technical delivery and reporting.


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Funding Opportunities

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Need Support to Realise Your Scale-Up Project?


This open call gives companies and academics the unique opportunity to access funding

to work in partnership with our Scale-Up Team on the development, optimisation and scale-up of their bioprocesses within our specialist facilities.

Scale-Up Accelerator 

IBioIC Open Call for Projects 


IBioIC Collaborative Projects

10th January 2021

Driving Innovation in the Whisky Industry through united Biotech  

IBioIC is kicking off 2021 with one of our most ambitious projects to date...


COVID-19 News

10th September 2020

Collaboration within Biotech to find a Vaccine

In the fight against corona virus, developing a vaccine is the major hurdle between our current situation and returning to ‘normal’ life. While most of us are adapting to new COVID secure work and social life, teams throughout the world with capabilities to develop and scale-up a vaccine have been hard at work.


Growing Our Team

21st August 2020

IBioIC Welcomes New Team Members

Here at IBioIC Scale-Up Centres we have had the pleasure of welcoming three new team members to our lab. 



14th July 2020

Return and Resume at IBioIC 
Scale-Up Facilities

Our technical team make a return to the lab this month. There are many adaptations to ensure both the safety of staff and visitors however, we are excited to welcome new projects back to the facilities.

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