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Downstream Processing Services

The development of downstream processing (DSP) for efficient and cost-effective product recovery is an essential element of any bioprocess, regardless of scale. We understand the importance of determining the correct DSP for the product that you are manufacturing. We offer an extensive range of DSP options, from cell clarification through to filtration and chromatography, which can be scaled to suit your working volume, the location of the product within the culture and the nature of the product that you are manufacturing.

Harvest & Cell Disruption

We offer whole broth recovery as well as separation of biomass from media using batch and/or continuous centrifugation. If your product is intracellular we can work with you to determine the best method for cell disruption, using mechanical methods such as high-pressure homogenisation, or non-mechanical alternatives such as enzymatic digestion and osmotic shock.

Filtration & Purification

Our facilities offer an extensive range of services to enable different methods of filtration for either biomass separation from broth, or to enable the separation of your product of interest from cell debris or broth. We can help you determine the best method for filtration and purification of your compound of interest whether you are working with 0.5 L or tens of litres of culture.  Where more control is needed we can perform microfiltration and ultrafiltration at this scale.

Analytical Services

In combination with all of our bioprocessing projects, we also provide specialist online measurements such as optical density and Raman, as well as offline biochemistry profiling to help you better understand your process and get the most from your cells. Analytical services provided can be tailored to specifically suit what you want to monitor within your process, anything from nutrient depletion to product formation and toxin build-up. 

Drying & Packing

Our services extend to drying and packaging to enable us to deliver your final product in the form that works for you.