Our disk stack centrifuge is an industrial style continuous centrifuge at pilot-scale. It provides fast and reliable separation of solid from liquid supernatant operating at a 20-50L/hour capacity. Our team have efficiently and successfully used this equipment to separate:

  • Algal cells

  • E. coli

  • S. cerevisiae 

This equipment is excellent for scale-up processes as it is identical to industrial scale equipment, only at lab-scale. The process can easily be defined to suit cell density and process volume. Furthermore, we have an on-site batch centrifuge which provides an alternative separation method if required, while also functioning as a control if centrifugal separation is untested on your cell type.


The small size of this disk-stack centrifuge compared to full-size industrial machines enables our team to test your process and the productivity of your cells under the stresses of an industrial style processor, whilst at lab-scale sizes thus de-risking the scale-up process.