Twin Scale-Up

in 15 L Bioreactors

Oxford Biotrans is a spin out company from the University of Oxford who produce high value chemicals using a patented enzyme technology. Oxford Biotrans aimed to test additional parameters for process improvement using the twin fed-batch system available at IBioIC's RapidBio facility.

Oxford Biotrans were attaining high yields of Cytochrome P450 enzyme from a genetically modified (GM) Escherichia coli strain. The fermentation process for the production of the enzyme had been optimised at lab scale and transferred to a contract manufacturing organisation for feed flow rate limitation. Significant process limitation was noted at larger scale and this made it necessary to review the existing bioprocess under air, agitation and feed flow rate limitation.

A twin fed-batch experiment was carried out by IBioIC's Technical Team at our facility in Glasgow, using parallel 15L Applikon bioreactors to investigate the impact of the critical process parameters.  A YSI biochemistry analyser was used to attain near real-time monitoring of carbohydrate levels, as well as gas and HPLC analysis. Optimised fermentation parameters were effectively established for an industrial culture of GM Escherichia coli which produced similar yields of Cytochrome P450 enzyme as the company's lab scale process.


This successful project provided suitable parameters to help de-risk subsequent pilot scale production of the enzyme. We continue to work with Oxford Biotrans to further develop their fermentation technology.


"Excellent - Loris, Neil and team are very responsive and great to work with.

The project went smoothly and provided the data required to move to the next phase”


Mathew Hodges, Director of Commercial Operations

Oxford Biotrans