Bioprocess Development for Sustainable Protein

"Access to IBioIC’s scale-up facilities combined with the breadth and depth of the IBioIC network  has significantly  accelerated our development programme. This work has been  essential in building a robust process and de-risking our technology allowing us to secure funds required  to scale our manufacturing process towards commercialisation."

Dr Paul Hudman, Technical Director

3F BIO Ltd is a food biotechnology company based in Glasgow with strong links to the University of Strathclyde and IBioIC.  The company are successfully tackling issues of global food security and reducing reliance on traditional protein farming with its inherent environmental impact, through the commercialisation of their novel, patented, zero-waste technology for the integrated production of mycoprotein within existing large scale biorefineries.

3F BIO delivered their 18-month Proof of Concept programme whilst commissioning their equipment and operating systems within RapidBio, our facility in Glasgow.  


Access to fermentation equipment from 1 – 15 L, enabled the company to carry out multiple complex fermentation runs, locally to their Glasgow base, as well as taking full advantage of the IBioIC member and technical networks and project funding for enhanced support.


Successes within their development programme have led to 3F BIO securing €17m backing from the European Commission to build a first of its kind integrated bio-based protein biorefinery.  Alongside this they continue to carry out further de-risking pilot scale trials at our Bioprocessing Scale-Up Centres to support the design and operation of their up-scale trials to >10,000L.