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**Note** SARS-CoV-2 outbreak (causing CoVid 19 disease):  

While we are currently unable to offer face-to-face practical training courses, we would be interested to hear if you’d like to attend an event in future or would be interested in an online course which would be hosted in virtual classroom / lab-based environment.

IBioIC's Bioprocessing Scale-Up Centres offer a wide range of

continuous professional development programmes. 

Check out our Masterclasses,

or contact a member of the Team to discuss your tailor made needs.

Introduction to Practical Fermentation

Based in FlexBio, our pilot-scale facility in Edinburgh, this part theory, part practical course introduces the most common operations performed in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical production facilities.

Introduction to Downstream Processing

Based in FlexBio, our pilot-scale facility in Edinburgh, this classroom and lab based course covers methods for industrial downstream processing and the factors to be considered when choosing which one is best for your process.

7 L Fermentation Course

In both classroom and labs at our Edinburgh facility, FlexBio, this course will cover the skills required to assess and up-scale cultures from shake flask to  7L bioreactor

Bespoke Training Courses

Our expert staff can organise and host  tailored courses to your company's requirements. Choose from a mix of classroom and lab, including hands-on training on specialised equipment

Process Costing (Plan, Do) Course

Articulating the benefits of your product is something successful business owners and entrepreneurs can do easily, but how well do you understand your product from a cost perspective?