On site bucket centrifuge with interchangeable rotors including:

  • JLA 8.1000 

  • JLA 16.250

  •  JA 25.50

These allow an adaptable capacity from 6 x 1L vessels to 8 x 50 ml vessels. Parameters such as ma RPM, breaking and spin time can be adjusted to suit specific requirements of your product. We have often used this equipment for the downstream processing of cell types which are more vulnerable to shear stress forces which might be experienced when processed through our continuous disk-stack centrifuge. We have also used both our batch and continuous centrifuges in tandem to allow comparison between the two downstream processing techniques. This is an effective, low risk method of testing for success using small industry style equipment before moving to test on full size equipment.


Our GEA continuous Disk-Stack Centrifuge provides the opportunity to test your process at lab scale in equipment which is easily scalable.