Eppendorf BioBLU Single-Use Vessels for mammalian and insect cell culture come in a range of sizes with working volmes between 100mL and 40L. Situated in a highly sterile clean room environment this single-use equipment is perfect for any sensitive up-scale needs and as ever our capable technical team are on hand to advise and monitor projects. 


These reactors help to reduce process time and eliminate risks with SIP and CIP which can require extensive validation. These single use reactors are pre-sterilized (15 kGy β-irradiated) and have a design similar to traditional bioreactors to allow for quicker and reduced risk scale up. Ports are present for pH, tempreature and dissolved oxygen probes as well as liquid addition, sampling and harvest ports. Gassing can be used to automatically control dissolved oxygen and with the addition of base pH can also be controlled. Use of an overlay or sparging is available. Pitched blades with a minimum speed of 25 rpm ensure your culture will be handled with the gentleness required for cell culture and our Celligen Blu controller allows for precission control of parameters. 

Online optical density data is available in our FlexBio Mammalian suite by combining a BioBlu reactor with our Hamilton Dencytee probe which will record real time optical density values. There are a range of downstream and analytical capabilities available at the IBioIC equipment centres for post culture data aquisition.