A state-of-art liquid chromatography with ChemStation software for efficient reviewing and analysis of results. The easy-to-use system operates up to 600 bar with an integrated auto-sampler allowing for a fast and rapid gradient, reducing cycle times and sample processing.


Fitted with a Refractive Index Detector, a Diode-Array Detector, and mounted with a Phenomenex® Rezex ROA-Organic Acid H+ (8%) column, our UHPLC system allows the rapid detection of a wide range of compounds such as:

  • Organic acids

  • Carbohydrates

  • Alcohols

  • Fatty acids

  • Neutral compounds

  • Amino sugars

This adaptive and flexible system can handle a wide range of chromatography applications and allows the analysis of starches, sugars, organic acids, and ethanol in one run for bioethanol fermentation analysis.


We can also assist in UHPLC method development while offering the possibility for our customer to transfer their analytical method (through column swapping) in our facility, for an on-site rapid identification and analysis of your compound of interest.