7 L Fermentation Course

In both classroom and  labs at our Edinburgh based scale-up facility, our experienced team will cover the skills required to assess and up-scale cultures from shake flask to 7L bioreactor. This course includes an introduction to process design and consideration of a variety of parameters to optimise cell growth, as well as highlighting some common pitfalls of scale-up.

Course content typically includes:

Underlying cellular microbiology and media design

7 L vessel assembly and preparation

Media preparation

Loading and sterilisation of a vessel

Control of pH, DO, temperature and online optical density probe set-up

Design and preparation of inoculum train

Correct sterile sampling technique

Final end-point sampling and harvest

Disinfection vs. sterilisation - The discerning difference

Review of experimental data and process

Next date:

Please contact our Facility manager to note interest.

Courses will be scheduled according to interest