Our 30L benchtop fermenter is ideal for any of your scale up needs. With a working volume of 20-25L and Sterilisation-in-Place technology, our experienced team have successfully cultured:

  • Various Microbial cells

  • Algal species

  • Pioneer cultures of Microbial cells at 30L scale

  • GM cells

Special adaptations allow culture for both single batch and fed-batch fermentation. The system with EZ Control by Applikon is adaptable to suit any process. Agitation can be modulated via adjustment of magnetically coupled rotor speed or gassing alone to suit cell type. Advice from our on-site team will enable rapid process development and optimisation. Ease of sampling is achieved through the sterile sampling port, quick on-site processing and analysis is available from small sample to whole batch scale. Our 30L bioreactor is also equipped with:

  • Off Gas Analysis

  • Hamilton Dencytee Probe - for real-time cell density monitoring via an online system

  • Acid/Base Control

The Applikon 30L Reactor is the perfect first step in the scale-up of your process. Furthermore, with many other reactor size options across both equipment centres our team can easily work with your requirements to develop a method to suit your scale-up or downstream processing needs.